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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Here!

A sleepless night before departing as I was worried by several airline employees about whether I would be allowed to leave the US without a return ticket booked. At the time the only itinerary and paperwork I had was a one way ticket to Hong Kong and a visa for India. I had no onward flight scheduled because I'm not sure where and when I am going from here and according to the Hong Kong embassy I don't need one. It is possible that the policies of United Airlines are different in any case I ended up booking a fully refundable flight from Bankok to San Francisco at 5:30am, and left for the airport at 6:30. Made my flights, they let me in, no worries. Flew to Chicago, then straight into Hong Kong via the north pole! It's a 14.5 hour flight, not so bad. Hong Kong is quite easy to navigate as it was a British territory until recently so most signs are in engllish and chinese, and many people speak english. It is a very westernized town with tons of shopping, skyscrapers with the requisite neon signs on top, and lots and lots of Coca cola. Other than that it's a city and I was ready to get out.


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