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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tibet- Potala

There it is the Dali Llama's house until he was forced to flee before the cultural revolution in 59. The place is immense and amazing with enormous tombs for past Dali llamas covered in gold and jewels. You can even peer into the Dali LLama's own quarters and meditation area. The most amazing part was the pilgrims there. To see their passion and devotion, and know that there leader is being kept from them, and they are being persecuted daily, yet they carry on with such spirit. Really amazing people. I was brought to the verge of tears watching an old Monk prostrating himself repeatedly in front of one of the shrines, and being helped up each time as he was too frail to do it himnself. Sorry no pictures- the Chinese guards in each room will not allow it.


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