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Thursday, September 14, 2006

China Climb

So I have a job here of sorts. It doesn't pay much, nothing really, but they give me room and board and a buch of cool climbers and other folk to hang out with. This is basically an outdoor school which hosts schools of international students i.e. kids from mostly english speaking countries who are in china for one reason or another. We take them climbing, kayaking, hiking, caving, biking etc. We also have a bar in our "office building" complete with a climbing wall which anyone is free to use. I'm trying to get some mileage on it. Last night i enjoyed watching one of the Chinese guys who works here his name is Adon which means monkey in Chinese. He is great fun because you can just point to a series of holds on the wall and he will climb it. He is an amazingly strong climber as are many people here.


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