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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well I have been in Kathmandu for 12 days now and what have I accomplished? Seen a few temples, bough lots of presents, and have done my TAXES!!!!! Yes I have spent hours, and days actually a solid week getting my taxes done with lousy internet connections, problems with opening files, power cuts blah blah blah. It really did suck so be thankful when you do your taxes (which you should have done by now, but I know a few of you haven't). Anyhow with the help of Mom, Merle, and turbo tax they are done. Now what? Well I've been on the computer some more trying to find a chemistry and physics course I can take to fulfill my prerequisites for school. As soon as I get that sorted I will know when I have to go home, Hopefully I'll get it sorted soon because I'm in Nepal and I want to go trekking gosh darn it!


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