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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Staff Bike Ride

A crew of about 10 chinaclimb staff set out on a big bike ride the other day. We wanted to test out the logistics for some groups we will have coming in next week. So we took a somewhat leisurely ride along the roads, and between the rice paddys to a place called Liu Gong which is along the Li River. It was only about 4 hours of biking punctuated by a lunch stop in the building in this picture overlooking the river. There are some china climb staff in the foreground. The chinese lady with the blue basket is an all to familiar site everywhere. These ladies carry around baskets of postcards and trinkets and pester you to death if you look the least bit like a tourist. One of our china climb staff who lives here was bothered every day for a week by the same woman outside chinaclimb. Finally he went of and issued a tirade at her in chinese telling her he lived here and to leave him alone. Next day... you guessed it, she was back.


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