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Friday, November 17, 2006

Chillin in Yangshuo

Well the work season is winding down here. We are all trying to stay motivated to work the last few weeks (season ends Nov 28) while making our plans to travel on from here. Some staff have already left and others are making plans for India, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Australia... It is funny we are all getting a little anxious and stressed over making our plans, but we keep reminding each other that if our biggest problem this week is deciding whether to go to Thailand or Vietnam, our lives are pretty easy:-). This picture is from today as I slaved over my guidebooks to plan my next adventures with the help of the coffee/kahlua/baileys drink in my hand.


P.S. Some of you know that my Father was going to have some surgery. He has had it and is doing well. It's been tough to be so far away but Mom and Lori are doing a great job of keeping me posted, and dad is getting real good at texting me on my cell phone!


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