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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One more thing about the Chinese

If you have been reading my posts at all you might have noticed that I have a few issues with how the Chinese do things. I know many Chinese people, and they are wonderful, but the governement and many things about the culture do not impress me. The most outstanding issue politically may be Tibet. You have likely all seen a free tibet sticker, or heard about the issues, and I have mentioned bits about it. This poster which was hanging outside a Tibbetan Buddist Stupa in Kathmandu brings the point home. The Chinese (with the help of the new train) are being brought in by the thousands with special incentives to move there amd set up buisnesses and completely wipe out the tibetan culture. The number of monks in the monesteries is strictly limited, there are cameras in front of all the big temples where demonstrations might take place. As we drove thru Tibet in the absolute boonies you could see that every single monastery had been destroyed, most by TNT, many have since been rebuilt but they are much smaller, and very strictly watched and regulated. They are still arresting and impriosoning anyone who voices an opinion in China that Tibet should be left to the Tibetans. Chinese military are even posing as monks trying to find anyone who might speak badly of this Chinese invasion and toss them into jail- even tourists. If you can't see it this poster reads: China's record in tibet. More than a million killed! More than 6000 monasteries destroyed! Thousands in prison! Hundreds still missing!


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