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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Chicken Lady

This lovely lady can be found each morning on the market street 2 blocks from my apartment. This morning I decided to pay her a visit as I have been needing a break from all the peanut oil fried chinese food. I decided to roast a chicken. Now roasting a chicken in Yansshuo is a little different to doing it at home. First you must go to the outdoor market and find this lady surrounded by her baskets of live chickens and select your bird. I chose one of the ones she had already killed, bled and plucked, but I still had to ask her to gut it and remove the feet. She promptly removed the guts and tossed them into the pond you see behind here where all the chicken blood and guts go each day. there must be some very happy carp in there. I tried to bargain with her but she stood firm at her price of 23 Yuan (just under $3) for the whole chicken. Then I selected some celery, mushrooms, greens, and potatoes from the many local farmers who pile their produce on tarps along the street, and I headed to china climb to take over the kitchen. After a quick look on google to convert farenheight to celcius, and an hour to cook, I was enjoying a lovely stuffed roast chicken and potatoes. It's not thanksgiving, but I think it is as close as I'm going to get!


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