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Wednesday, January 31, 2007



More climbing- you can rap off a climb on the left here into the bar.
Many of the climbs are on exposed cave formations
My gluten free Birthday Cake

So I've been marooned on a tropical beach for the last few weeks and haven't been keeping up on my Blog. Actually I am in Thailand near Karabi at basically a climbers beach. There are a few other tourists, but mostly it is climbers. Quite an amazing place. Many climbers come here in the winter to catch some sun and enjoy some incredible climbing and a very very laid back lifestyle. The only way in or out is on foot, or by boat. That does make it a bit more expensive than the rest of Thailand, but not too bad. I've been whiling away my days climbing, deep water soloing (climbing above deep water without a rope), lounging in hammocks, sipping fruity drinks, getting massages... it is a tough life. I have run into about a dozen people I know from Yangshuo in China, and lots of other travellers I met in other places along the way. I've made some great new friends here as well. On February 4th I plan to head up to Burma for a few weeks with a friend and I am looking forward to that. I'm also working on filing my taxes and my financial aide forms over this dodgy and expensive satellite internet connection which works some of the time. I miss you all and hope you had wonderful holidays!

Love Jody


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