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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


What a wonderful place! It is described in many guidebooks as relatively "undiscovered" and despite seeing many many white faces around town I think it is true. The country has only gotten into tourism fairly recently, and the infastructure is pretty scant. You can however find a relatively clean room with private bath for $5 per night, and a massage- which yes I already tried for $2. The people are very nice, and quite small-about my height on average. There are many minority groups here with villages all over the mountains amoungst the rainforest. They have really gotten into the ecotourism industry which is great to see. A nice change from China. The food is great, they go easy on the spices for the falang(foreigners) and it's a good thing, I talked with one traveller who had convinced a restaurant to make a dish the way they would for a local person, he took one taste and was sure they were playing a trick on him by making it so spicy. He really likes spicy food but couldn't eat it. When a poor local man on the street saw he didn't like it, he asked if he could have it, the traveller said trust me you don't want this then watched in astonishment as the man lapped it up and thought it was delicious. I don't know what their stomachs are made of here but it is impressive!.


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