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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Myanmar Money

I may look rich with almost 200,000 kyats in my hands, but it's only equal to $150. Unfortunately for the Myanmar People their currency has been falling fast under their current government. Not only has the government devalued several bills (basically decided that the 25, 35, and 45 bill were suddenly valuless, so if you had any they were no longer worth the paper they were written on. The largest bill in circulation is 1000 kyats (pronounced chats) and there are 1250 kyats to one dollar- today-this morning. The exchange rate can change several times per day, but all money is exchanged on the black market. I have no idea how this works. At any rate people end up carryng bags and bags of the stuff around. The funniest and most irritating thing is that they will not accept US dollars with the slightest crease, blemish, tear, or ink spot, but their smaller denomination bills look like they are 100 years old and have been through 300 mud puddles, a few wars and a shredder. Oh well.


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