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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The wait is over

Well I've been waiting in Pokhara for many days for word from my college on whether they will accept the courses I have chosen to fulfill my prerequisite requirements... Still nothing and it is driving me crazy that I am sitting here bored, and the mountains are so close. So I've decided to head out. I will be doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek, and hopefully the Annapurna Sactuary trek as well. The first walks around one of the tallest and most spectacular mountain ranges in Nepal and takes a minimum of 16days, the second goes right to the base of them and takes another 12 days. I plan to take my time and give myself up to 35 days to really enjoy it. I will be "tea house trekking" Which means that you stop in little restaurant/guesthouses along the trail for meals and to sleep. Makes it a bit more cushy, no tent or stove required. Also makes it a much more heavily travelled route. At any rate the Circuit trek at least is more an experience of the culture and scenery than of wilderness as you are walking the main route "highway" between dozens of villages, only there are no cars...yet. There are plans to push a road through over almost half this trek in the next few years, so it's a god time to go see it!
So no worrying about me until May 22, by which time I should be back and there should be loads of pictures up here for you to see!



At 5:28 PM, Blogger Ness said...

tea house trekking sounds so like the way forward. i have been enjoying your adventure tales a lot! Now, i am happy to anounce that i have access one again to the land of blog and can comment too! Xx


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