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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finals Week- movie reviews

Well I am very proud of how well I am handling finals week for second semester- MUCH MUCH better than 1st. I am totally chill, had a dinner party the night before my first exam, and watched Talladega Nights- the ballad of ricky bobby- another will ferrell movie, this one poking fun at rednecks and nascar- totally hillarious! Today I celebrated the completion of my 7th exam by treating myself to a sugary soda, potato chips and cookies for an afternoon snack/pre dinner (organic and gluten free of course) I didn't go totally crazy here. Then I turned up the heat and curled up in a big comfy chair to watch the movie Kinky Boots- very cute film about a very traditional shoe factory that starts making boots for transvestities to save the business. So I'd say finals are going well.


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